Helping out with PyGTK development

PyGTK is maintained by a team of volunteers, which take care of coding, bugfixing, support and documentation. This page provides links and tips for people interested in helping the team by actively participating in the project.


PyGObject with gobject-introspection is planned to replace PyGTK in the future, though as of yet it is neither stable, complete, nor well documented. If you would like to help out with testing or developing these bindings, please see here.

Helping out

There are a number of ways to help out with PyGTK development: If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks, write to the mailing list or join the #pygtk IRC channel as described in the support page. The sections below provide links for viewing and tracking down the current state of PyGTK and its bug reports.

Bugs and Bugzilla

Git Activity

The source code for PyGTK is located in the Gnome Git repository.